Oil Savings Plan

The Newline Oil Saving Plan allows you to save and pay for your home heating oil with monthly direct debit payments spreading the cost of your home heating bill and making it affordable for you – so no need to worry about your tank running low as you have already budgeted for your heating costs. Newline Oil Saving Plan is used to build credit towards your next home heating order, with easy to manage payments direct from your bank account the same day of each month on a date that you choose to suit you.

Benefits to you the Customer
* No more paying for your home heating oil in one lump sum.
* No more having to deal with unexpected heating expenses.
* Customized saving plan to suit your needs and budget.
* Keep your tank topped up and never run out of oil again!!
* Saving plan will not restrict you from special offers or the best prices available.

Choose the amount you want to save each month towards your home heating oil costs, we recommend a minimum of 90/100euro per month. This figure is based on a household purchasing 1000ltr to 1500ltrs of home year oil in a calendar year and if any adjustments are required we will advise you through out the year.

When you want to order heating oil you will already have credit built up with Newline Oil. If you haven’t saved the full amount but you want to order home heating oil, let us know and you can pay any balance by your credit card or laser card when ordering or pay our driver cash on delivery for any outstanding balance. If credit remains on your account after your oil is delivered, it can be used towards subsequent orders.
You will receive a quarterly e-statement that allows you to monitor your credit build up on your saving account (please make sure to include your email address when completing the newline Oil saving application form). Alternatively you can phone our offices and speak to one of our friendly office staff to find out more and to receive an up to date balance.

Easy steps to steps to get started.
1. Download Newline Oil saving application form
2. Decide how much you would like to save each month towards your home heating oil.
3. Complete a Savings Plan Direct Debit Form.
4. Post it to Newline Oil, The Dirr, Murrintown Co Wexford.

Terms & Conditions
Plan operates on a continuous basis and cancellation can be made at any time. If the amount ordered is greater than credit on your account, then the balance must be paid at time of order or at time of delivery by credit card, laser card or Cash on Delivery.
*Payments will be debited on the same day of each month.
*The price you pay is the price quoted on the day of delivery.
*There are no handling charges involved in this process.
* Saving plan will not restrict you from special offers or the best prices available